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Meet Amy Ban

Owner of Subtle Changes Medical Aesthetics, Amy Ban is a nurse and a mother, who was raised in the Goderich, ON. Amy loves raising her family in this community and decided to bring a little bit of the city back to the country. Amy has often worked in larger cities, doing a substantial variety of nursing. 

Amy has found her passion in “happy medicine". Amy created Subtle Changes Medical Aesthetics as a place where individuals could obtain affordable treatments to help themselves feel and look their absolute best. In choosing the name Subtle Changes Medical Aesthetics, she emphasizes that making a subtle change is all it takes to feel good in the skin you live in.  Amy invites you to experience our unique approach to medical aesthetics. 

Amy's motto, and the motto for the clinic, is:
Make yourself a priority once in a while.
It's not selfish.
It's necessary.

The Clinic

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The ABC's of our Services

A)  We let the customer know that we offer wrinkle reduction injections, dermal filler, and a revolutionary skin care line. (These services have been tried and tested by our staff to ensure that we can personalize your experience). We do not offer any service that we have not personally experienced, thus gives us the knowledge to fully explain and answer ANY customer questions or worries. 

B) We listen to the goals that the customer wishes to obtain. After we understand these goals, we then do a FREE consultation. Once the consultation is complete, we then offer several treatment options for every budget and comfort level.


C) We spend time with each customer to educate them about each treatment. Education is the most important tool we offer, as it allows customers to make an informed decision about what is best for them. Customers then have the option to have same day procedure or take the time that they need to decide which course of action they are most comfortable with. We strive to create a relationship with each individual. 

Our clinic is unique in how we approach the customers goals. We like the low and slow motto, as when a customer proceeds with treatment we start out on the lower end of dosing. We prefer not to go by “the standard patient dosing scale.” Our method helps customers save money, in that we recognize that each face is completely individual to bone structure, muscles and features. There is no “standard patient,” we take the time to know how the customer animates their face and how their features are at rest. Then we create a plan to obtain goals, yet the neighbours will not know that the customer has “had work done.” Since we start off low and slow, this gives a natural appearance. comparatively speaking if we started out on the: “standard” dosing regime we would never know if the customer could achieve their goals with a lower dose. When it comes to creating a subtle change, we understand that more is NOT ALWAYS better. 

D) After the initial treatment we follow up in two weeks to ensure that their goals and satisfaction have been met. If the treatment does not meet the expectation, we then assess what needs to be changed therefore giving us the exact dosing to meet expectations in future visits. As highlighted above you do not need to start out with “big guns.”, when lower dosing could be all you need. 

E) We are not your ordinary clinic.  we take the time to create a relationship with each customer and learn each unique face, listen, and provide you with the education to achieve your goals, while having the changes made: SUBTLY.”  Life can be unkind, but our faces do not need to show life’s rough road. We all have a story; your face can express who you are today; without yesterdays worries.  We welcome you to Subtle Changes and we invite you to experience the difference!!!

The Inspiration

To get the “feel “for the clinic we set out to find a painting that inspired us. This painting you see here is where it all began. We have this piece hanging in our office, to help us stay customer focused. We want a calm, serene place that we can build relationship’s with new customers, having them feel at home is especially important to us.

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Free Consultation​

Subtle Changes Medical Aesthetics offers a free consultation! Contact us today!