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Micro Night Riche

Micro Night Riche


Extra Moisturizing Overnight Tightening Cream

A richer, more emollient version of MICRO NIGHT helps replenish moisture and guard against skin dehydration, while providing anti-aging benefits with the power or proprietary peptides.

    • Revitalize with Proprietary Peptides

    • Ultra-hydrating balm formulated with Proprietary Peptides technology enhances natural Collagens to help restore skin’s appearance while you sleep
    • Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
    • Helps to revitalize elasticity and the feel of suppleness
    • Improves the look of skin’s firmness
    • Intensively Hydrate & Smooth

    • Restores hydration and guards against moisture loss with hydrating Glycerin combined with moisturizing lipids such as Petrolatum
    • Wild Yam Root Extract helps counteract dryness and textural skin changes associated with climate and/or hormonal shifts
    • Replenish

    • Multifunctional night balm helps replenish moisture and soothe skin after cosmetic or dermatological procedures
    • Can be used as adjunctive skincare with topical prescription medications in consultation with your healthcare provider
  • Proprietary Peptides (anti-aging)

    Petrolatum (moisturizing)

    Wild Yam Root Extract (skin-conditioning)

    Glycerin (moisture-infusing)

    Wheat Germ Oil (moisturizing)

    Borago Officinalis Seed Oil (moisturizing)